Cloud IP PBX Solution

Benefits of having your PBX in the cloud are countless and obvious. No maintenance costs. Better to use the money to expand your business than pay a salary to an IT guy for hanging out on Facebook. Not every business has a spare closet to put a PBX machine in it. Even more: not every business has or needs an office! Got multiple employees working from different places with no central location? EntrCom's cloud solution has it all covered. All you need is an internet connection and a communication device. A VoIP-enabled desk phone, a cell phone, a tablet, even a laptop counts. Just install our soft client on your laptop or a mobile phone and you're ready to roll.

Our cloud-based PBX is available from anywhere. No matter if you're traveling, working from home or in the field - your VoIP PBX in the cloud is always at your service. It's well protected from attacks, backed up and supported by our highly trained IT personnel 24/7, at no extra charge nor an extra headache to you.

The logic is simple. You're focusing on your business and EntrCom is focusing on the PBX. You don't have to worry about the technical stuff, hardware or software upgrades, our engineers got it, and they're good at it. You just enjoy crystal clear phone conversations with your customers and colleagues.