Entrcom IP PBX Solutions for Enterprise
A large business means big responsibility. There is no place for error or downtime for a large number of users. We offer scalable and redundant solutions to cover needs of an enterprise of any size. EntrCom thoughtfully tests hardware and software to ensure exceptional performance, the highest level of reliability and fault tolerance under heavy loads exceeding the real world demands. Our engineers design and build load-balanced VoIP clusters capable of handling virtually any number of calls simultaneously. At the end of the day, your call data is backed up and protected from outages and disasters.

Looking to expand your business to different regions? Other countries? Not a problem, we can bring all your branches together in a single unit. Call centers overseas, external answering services, employees on the go - everything can be connected and integrated like it's all located in one big and happy office. There is no need to remember your colleague's from another state ten digit phone number anymore, their short internal extension is available at your fingertips from the company's phone book.

Every corporation operates around the custom built solutions that suit their business model: CRMs, lead generating and tracking software, various data management and reporting products. Our PBX systems can be tightly integrated with any existing software for real-time decisions. Any sophisticated call routing dictated by your rules can be handled by the PBX on the fly, and it makes sure every single call reaches its destination.

Would like to know how efficient is your call center? How satisfied are your customers? How good are those new sales trainees and do they need any help and coaching while talking to the customers? EntrCom has the answers. We offer all kinds of reports and charts that make executive decisions easy. Real-time call monitoring, call recordings and transcribing ensure an unparalleled quality of your customer service.