Telecommunication is a key factor in any modern business, no matter how big or small it is. The telephone industry came a long way since the telephone invention in 1876, from transmitting analog signals via telegraph wires to becoming digital, and didn't stop there. In the early 2000s when broadband Internet became cheaper and faster a new type telephony started to gain popularity - voice over internet protocol, or simply VoIP.

What did make the VoIP so incredibly popular? Low operational cost and mind blowing flexibility thanks to one simple reason: a VoIP telephone station is nothing else but a computer. It's a computer server running software that can be integrated with other software products. A majority of businesses is built around of CRMs, EMRs, lead-tracking applications, etc. A day when your PBX can be an integral part of your CRM has finally come. Tracking leads by phone and click-to-call became a reality. EntrCom's technicians can integrate virtually any your existing software application with our PBX solution.

Not only Fortune 500 companies can afford an interactive voice response system (IVR) today, but every single small business owner as well, as easy as pie! Any complexity IVR tailored for your company by EntrCom professionals can be developed in no time.

In spite of looking slightly more "complicated" compared to the traditional public telephone network (PSTN), the VoIP technology has significantly simplified telephony for the end users. Remember the day when you had to move to a new office building and now need to deal with porting or moving your telephone numbers to a different location? Or when you were sick and would like to work from home, and just couldn't afford to miss an important call to your desk phone? The VoIP solves those problems all at once, with ease. Got Internet? Congrats, you all set, because that's the only thing an IP PBX or a VoIP phone (or a software-based one) need.

At EntrCom, we understand that any customer service related business heavily depends on the reliability of the phone system and quality of the phone conversations. That's why we offer only redundant hardware solutions built by our engineers from top-quality components. We thoughtfully test our equipment and software prior delivery to the customers.

Not any business wants to host a dedicated PBX box at their premises. Some just don't have too many employees, and some may require mobility. The VoIP's main concept - run over the Internet - comes again to the rescue. EntrCom can host your PBX in the cloud, securely and reliable, you just keep your phones at the office connected to the in-cloud PBX over Internet.