Entrcom IP PBX Solutions for an office.

If a business is small, it doesn't mean it deserves less attention than a large corporation. Phone communication is an essential piece, a heart of a small company. Every call matters - it brings more customers and opportunities. Our goal is to ensure you never miss those opportunities, and your clients are happy while talking to you. EntrCom is proud to provide small businesses high quality, noise free, fully digital, cost effective phone solutions. We are the only telecommunication provider on the market that offers small businesses the enterprise-class features like interactive voice response (IVR), unlimited recordings and conference calls at no extra cost.

Every single feature available for our enterprise customers is also available for the small business clients, but we didn't stop here. We're aware not every small business can afford an IT crew. Because everything is in the cloud, you get all the benefits of a reliable and versatile telephone service without being responsible for its maintenance and management - we've got you covered. Want to add an employee? Just plug your new VoIP phone into a standard ethernet socket. Is part-time employee working from home? No difference - it's the same standard Ethernet port at their home.

For the companies with a limited office space, we offer hot desking so multiple employees can share one desk with one physical phone, and log into the phone when needed. Got employees in the field? Not a problem, our softphones can work on any modern mobile device, on any cellular connection.

There is always a time when a successful small business overgrows itself and becomes a corporation with hundreds and thousands of employees. It means the internal VoIP traffic becomes quite significant compared to the internet bandwidth, so it's time to bring the PBX from the cloud to your office. We're happy to help your transition to the next level with no service interruption. Your PBX grows whenever you grow, and our engineers and techs are always at your service.

Our phone systems optimize every company and customer interaction and keep your clients coming back!