Hybrid IP PBX Solution

Best of two worlds. Get a flexibility of a fully managed PBX at the cloud with all benefits of an on-premise system. You manage the stuff at your office, and we take care of your cloud PBX. This solution is ideal for companies with large offices and multiple employees in the field. While the on-premises PBX handles all internal conversations, its twin in the cloud works with people in the field.

If your company has strict policies about keeping the customer-related data in-house but doesn't want to deal with an on-premises PBX, EntrCom is here to help. The cloud-based PBX can simply offload the call recordings to a storage server at your office via an encrypted, highly secured connection. Again you'll get all benefits of a managed cloud solution without breaking any rule: your data is all yours while we're handling the VoIP for you. It means you don't have to worry the PBX configuration or how to access it from outside. Our skilled technicians will connect your office to our cloud and ensure your data is fully secured.

We are proud to offer custom hybrid solutions that suit any sophisticated demands. Just tell us what your requirements and policies are and we will be happy to build a phone system of your dreams.