Branch Interconnection

City, state or country doesn’t matter: it won’t be any difference dialing a co-worker next door or a remote employee oversees.

 Follow-up Surveys

See what your customers think and react correspondingly.

 Local Presence

We offer DIDs with area codes from all over the country. Customers will more likely pick up a local call.


Tired of entering phone numbers? Got to a wrong place again? Just click the hyperlinked phone number and we’ll connect you in no time.

 Call Parking

On a phone but need to go? Park the call and pick it up from another desk phone or your cell.


Talk to the co-workers with ease, they won't even need to pick up their phone.

 Sofisticated Call Follow

Travelling and don’t want to miss an important call? No worries, the PBX will always reach you on your mobile phone.

 Customer-to-Agent Routing

Just define your routing rules. No receptionist is required.

 Paperless Faxing

Faxes are not dead (yet). Send faxes via email or the Web Portal. Now you can be green and enjoy it!

 Call Monitoring & Unlimited


Your department managers can listen to the phone conversations in real time. The recordings help to train new personnel.

 Voice Mail in Email

Missed a call? The PBX will let you know! Additional VM transcription services via Nuance Communications voice recognition services (the Apple Siri maker).

 Black & White Lists

Those annoying spammers will never bother you again!

 Two-Way Intercom

Talk with your entire department or team without leaving your chair.

 Connect Phone from Anywhere

Working from home today? Traveling overseas? All you need is to open your laptop and launch our free soft phone app.

 IVR and Call Queues

Interactive menues and call-center grade calling queues with agent availability prediction. Not only the big guys can afford this feature now.

 Flexible Caller ID and 

Help your coworkers by calling on their behalf. Prevent tracking by hiding the caller id completely.

 Web Access from Anywhere

Access to your voice mail, recordings and faxes via our Web Portal. Works from a phone or tablet as well, OS doesn't matter.

 Hot Desking

Multiple employees share a desk and a phone? No need to fight - we can help.

 Schedule & Holidays Call Flow

Don’t let your customers get frustrated while they’re waiting on the line.

 Conference Calls

Unlimited conference rooms right in your PBX. Available from inside and outside of the office.


Impress your customers and investors by putting your company name and logo on the supported phone consoles.